Best Ugly Christmas Sweater Vests for 2017

With all the hype surrounding ugly Christmas sweaters and their parties, it’s no wonder that everyone wants a piece of the pie. But a problem with ugly Christmas sweaters is that although they are reasonably priced, they are not exactly the cheapest things money can buy.

At this time of the year, it is common for our funds to become strained, and our budgets to tighten. Any opportunity to save money is one we will all gladly take. But why should we miss out, because of money constraints? It’s the festive season—the season to be merry.

Best Ugly Christmas Sweater Vests for Sale

Well, the good news is that there is a cheaper alternative to ugly Christmas sweaters: Ugly Christmas vests! These ugly sweater vests fit right in with the sweaters, have just as much spirit and are significantly more affordable than the sweaters.

Have a look at these examples, all available for online purchase, and shake things up this year with your very own Christmas sweater vest!

Ladies Ugly Christmas Sweater Jumper

ugly Christmas sweater for menV28 has a wide and wonderful range of ladies’ ugly Christmas clothes. From 3D jumpers, to festive sweaters and vests, there are many items from which you can take your pick. Not only are their items varied in make and style, but with each, they come in an array of designs and colors.

Of course, it depends on which item exactly you want to purchase (so have a look at each of them before you decide), but vests can cost as little as $14.99! If that is not a Christmas deal, what is?

Buying a Christmas vest can save you quite a bit money—money better spent on hosting the best ugly Christmas party the world has ever seen.

Men’s Christmas Sweater Vest – Father Christmas

tacky Christmas sweater vestIf old school ugly Christmas sweaters are better suited to your style and taste check out the Holiday Sweater Shop. This men’s ugly Christmas sweater vest is a must wear. This vest has it all; stars, reindeer, snowflakes, Christmas trees and good ol’ Father Christmas himself.

What is also nice about this vest, is that it will do well at just about any Christmas party, from formal office parties, to casual ugly themed get-togethers. But the best thing about this vest is that it is priced from just $18.99!

Men’s Christmas Vest – Santa Suit

men christmas vestsEven better, this bright costume style Santa vest is priced from just $16.99, and whoever wears it automatically becomes the coolest Santa at the party.

It has decorative buttons, and the sweet little candy cane, along with the belt, are woven. This vest is better suited to fancy dress ugly sweater parties, but is stylish enough to be worn for all Christmas occasions.

Tacky Christmas Sweater Vest – Elf Outfit

christmas sweater vests uglyAnd lastly, if simplicity is what you are looking for, this elf vest is a great choice. Priced between $16.99 and $17.99, this traditional vest, reminiscent of cartoons and gift wrap won’t break you budget at all.

It’s more of a neutral vest, for those who wish to party without being too inconspicuous, and like many other vests, goes well for all occasions.

Inappropriate Christmas Sweater Vest – The Naughty List

ugly Christmas sweater menThere is always at least one person among us, who is inclined to be a little bit dirty when it comes to festivities. Christmas sweaters have many styles, themes, messages ad purposes. Some make us laugh, others make us smile, some make feel warm and fuzzy inside. Christmas vests are no different.

If you are a bit more rebellious, or you are the class clown, the funny guy, or just the life of the party, Faux Real have this absolutely ridiculous humping gingerbread man vest that you can’t go without.

This cardigan, which depicts gingerbread men (and women?) getting frisky, along with gingerbread trains and houses, Christmas trees and snowflakes is innocent enough to be worn at parties, but naughty enough to entertain adults. It costs only $19.99!

Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Men

These are just a few examples of ugly Christmas vests- affordable alternatives to ugly Christmas sweaters. They aren’t much different to the sweaters, and with enough research or shopping around, you are bound to find an ugly Christmas vest for all sorts of Christmas parties, and to fit all Christmas themes.

It really is a great idea to consider wearing a vest instead. You will save some money, and be just as comfortable (and ugly) as you would be in a sweater!