Top 5 Best Ugly Christmas Suit: Ugly Sweater Suits 2017

The human race is not sure if this good news or terrible news, but the ugly sweater has evolved into the ugly Christmas suit! If you are a diva, enjoy being the center of attention, and would like to blind people with your awesomeness, the ugly Christmas suits was made for you!

While ugly Christmas sweaters are a fun, harmless tradition, it is becoming more and more popular to make the art of wearing them a competitive sport. What we wouldn’t give to be honoured the ugliest of the lot, to head home after the party with the grand prize for being the worst dressed. If this is a serious ambition of yours, read on.

Best Ugly Sweater Suits

All you will ever need is an ugly Christmas suit. It’s double the fun, double the ugly, and double the festivities. These suits are available on Amazon at fantastic prices, and without a doubt, will ensure that all eyes are on you!

Ladies First – Women’s Ugly Christmas Dress

Christmas jacketIt is only logical that in a world of ugly Christmas sweater suits, the ugly Christmas dress accompanies it. Be the most fabulous lady at the party with this extravagant ugly Christmas dress by You Look Ugly Today.

These dresses, which will cost you between $19.99 and $32.99 are perfect for any and all Christmas parties, and can be worn with flats, heels, tights, socks, stockings… you name it.

You can dress it up or down, and look as sexy, stylish, formal, casual, relaxed or festive as you like. For those ladies who are attending their parties with a plus one, this dress will enable you to be a super couple, and will make it so that you are the talk of the town.

You Look Festive Today Christmas Suit

Christmas suit mensOnto the gents. You look Ugly Today has many items that will suit your fancy and not all of them are Christmas themed. For example, this suit was made with Halloween in mind, but if you are a rebel, or the Santa-reindeer-snowmen-penguins don’t suit your taste, rock up at your Christmas party with this epic skull suit.

An ugly suit is an ugly suit, and you will be right at home in it, even if it has no connections to Christmas.

Men’s Christmas Suit

ugly Christmas costumesOn the other hand, if you are into the typical Christmas icons, this suit, with snowmen and Christmas trees is sure to hit the Christmas spot.

Of course, these are just two examples of the joys You Look Ugly Today have in stock, and their suits range through many colours, sizes, designs and themes. They will cost you between $39.99 and $60.99.

Santa Claus Christmas Suit for Men

Christmas mens suitLast, but definitely not least, are two suits from Forum Novelties. Their Santa suit will be a favorite to ugly sweater parties, because it is bright, traditional, fun and very festive indeed.

This Santa suits comes with jacket, pants, and tie, as shown, so this really is a great deal and you can really get dressed to the nine.

Candy Canes Christmas Suite

christmas suits for mensIf you really want to go all out, consider this candy cane costume suit. At only $41.82, this flashy, bright holiday costume will brighten up any room.

This suit is cool, because although it is as festive as can be, it is reminiscent of the Joker, or the Riddler, and has a cool villainous aura to it. With it, you will be the boss, no doubt about it.

While these suits are not the most affordable out there you can be sure of quality, and can wear this suit year in and year out. It will cost you between $37.48 and $131.89.

Suit Up! – Best Ugly Men’s Ugly Christmas Suits

If you would like to have an ugly Christmas suit party, hosting a masquerade is a fantastic idea. It will ensure that your guests dress to impress. On top of that, you can have a 1920s/ Great Gatsby themed ugly suit party.

These ugly suits are also perfect for office parties, and wouldn’t it be funny to see your managers and bosses dressed up in such ridiculous attire? These suits fit in at all ugly Christmas parties, are timeless, funny, festive and fun. As the wise Barney Stinson would say, your Christmas party will be legen- wait for it- dary! So suit up!