Best Plus Size Ugly Christmas Sweaters | XL, XXL, XXXL Sweaters

A big problem in today’s society is that clothing, fashion and trends usually only account for one type of person; the thin kind. It’s never nice to feel excluded and no one should have ever have to, especially during the festive season. During this time togetherness is everything. When attending parties or gatherings we all want to feel confident and look our best.

Best Plus Size Ugly Christmas Sweater

The following plus size ugly Christmas sweaters are great for many reasons. For one, they all look great. For another, they are affordable. They are readily available with just a click of a button.

Don’t get caught in the cold this Christmas season; get a pluz size Christmas sweater!

Gingerbread Man Christmas Sweater

xxl mens Christmas sweaterThis Blizzard Bay Christmas sweater has it all. It’s funny, it’s comfortable, it’s stylish, and it fits right in with all the other ugly Christmas sweaters without being too ugly itself.

It even has a little bit of 3D magic incorporated into it! Who doesn’t love gingerbread men? This sweater would suit a themed ugly sweater party best, and guarantees a few laughs as you go. It’s cute, and the pun is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Best of all it will only cost you $34.99!

3D Plus Size Christmas Sweaters

plus size sweaters on saleIf you want to take your plus size holiday sweaters to the next level, 3D is the way to go. With the slightest touch or the simplest of details, Christmas sweaters have become 3 dimensional masterpieces that entertain, stand out and will make you feel like the coolest girl in the room!

This sweater 3D snowman sweater by Allison Brittney is festive, cute and fascinating. Not only does the snowman himself stand out because he is fuzzy, but the bauble of his hat is 3D too. He really is an adorable, jolly little snowman, and this sweater costs only $32. Don’t worry about this sweater aging badly, or only lasting one Christmas. It is entirely machine washable, and 100% acrylic.

Plus Size Tacky Christmas Sweater Rudolph

XXl ugly Christmas sweaterAnother great choice is this Rudolph sweater by Notations. It has an adorable 3D nose and also a 3D scarf.

This product is recommended for ugly sweater parties or holiday themed parties and will cost you only $24.99.

Blizzard Rudolph Christmas Sweater

3x ugly Christmas sweaterLikewise, this Blizzard pullover, also featuring our favourite reindeer, has a 3D nose and scarf, but with added jingle bells.

This stylish and cosy sweater is also machine washable and is extremely affordable too. It is priced between $19.19 and $25.

The Retro Cardigan

plus size Christmas shirtsIf you would like to kick it old school, this 4 panel cardigan is the perfect choice. The product description promises that you will be a hit at your Christmas party, and it’s obvious why that is true.

This sweater breaks the mould of most other Christmas sweaters by daring to be different. Furthermore, it doesn’t hurt that this particular design has it all: Bells, a wreath, a snowman and the beloved Christmas tree! It will cost you $34, with free deliveries for orders of $50 and above.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Plus Size

There are many great ideas for ugly Christmas Sweater parties, but to celebrate the beauty of being big, why not make your whole party big. You can make everything your party will use a size or two bigger, from the invitations to the decorations.

You can also make it a plus size party if you please, in which all guests have to wear plus sized sweaters. Other good ideas, as with any Christmas sweater party include having a theme; for example, with the aforementioned Oh Snap! Sweater, why not make your theme gingerbread men?

You can decorate the inside of your home or venue to resemble a gingerbread house, you can serve gingerbread men as a treat or a snack, and can even make your own gingerbread, which will be delicious. When it comes to Christmas, bigger is definitely better.