Best Maternity Ugly Christmas Sweaters 2017

Christmas is truly a wonderful time; we become misty eyed with nostalgia, we time travel back to when we were children, we put smiles on the faces of others and we give the gift of giving. It is safe to say, that expecting mothers feel that joy tenfold. It is exciting to be pregnant at Christmas time, and what better gift to give than the gift of life? It also helps that most mothers receive double the amount of presents, and can justify their Christmas binges by eating for two!

Best Maternity Ugly Christmas Sweater

But what do you do if you are invited to an ugly sweater party, and can’t find something that fits your baby bump? Never fear, mothers! We have many a product that will please you, and will make you and your baby look great this Christmas!

Here are our top picks for maternity ugly Christmas sweaters for those expecting mothers this Christmas.

Cute Moose Maternity Christmas Sweater

ugly Christmas sweater ideas for womenLet’s start off with something simple. This moose print sweater form CafePress is form fitting and great for soon-to-be moms whose bumps haven’t become too big yet.

The lovely moose and snowflake design will be emphasised by your baby bump, and as far as ugly sweaters go, this one is actually quite pretty.

You can attend your ugly Christmas sweater party in style in this sweater, and it comes in a range of colours. It will cost you between $25.99 and $28.99.

Oversized Sweaters For Expecting Moms

womens ugly Christmas sweaterIf you are more interested in loose fitting attire, there is no shortage of pregnancy ugly Christmas sweaters that will accommodate you and your bump. Vogue of Eden has this snuggly oversized snowmen sweater for only $27.99.

This sweater will do well at funny Christmas parties. It’s also stretchy, on top of being loose, so you don’t have to worry about overheating. This sweater is also great even if you aren’t going to any parties, and just prefer a cozy sweater for you and baby to enjoy while you relax at home.

Oversized Christmas Jumper

funny ugly Christmas sweaters for womenLikewise, this cozy cardigan from V28 is suitable for all occasions, and it (and others like it) is priced between $19.99 and $39.99.

All of the sweaters on this list are nice to look at, but this one takes the cake. Its reindeer pattern is gorgeous when you give it a second look, and this carries just the right amount of ridiculousness and style for any Christmas sweater party.

Cute Reindeer Ugly Maternity Christmas Sweater

womens ugly Christmas sweatersThe most adorable thing you could do this Christmas is to wear a sweater that your baby bump will flatter, and highlight. These designs were made for expecting moms, and they are both festive and cute!

This sweater, from TeeStars, has a cute, loving reindeer pattern on it that will pop out when you wear it over your baby bump. It will cost you $28.99 and can be worn for all occasions.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Maternity Snowglobe

holiday sweaters for womenThis snow globe print by Crazy Dog T-Shirts is a joy only those with babies in their bellies can enjoy. The picture is beautiful, and the idea of using your baby bump to give the snow globe dimension is genius. Best of all, it will cost between $19.99 and $21.99!

Pregnant Christmas Sweater – Baby Jesus

Since Christmas is an observation that celebrates birth, if you are pregnant and hosting a Christmas party, there are many ways to make it birth or baby themed.

Think of nativity scenes, depicting the birth of Jesus Christ. These can be used as templates for your decorations, your snacks, your outfits and even your drinks.

You can also turn your ugly Christmas sweater party into a baby shower too, and kill two birds with one stone. There is no reason why expecting parents can’t have fun, and you and involve dad in the fun and games too. If you blow up a balloon, and place it under his ugly Christmas sweater, he can join you in your maternity wear- and it will add an extra touch of silliness to the party. Just keep in mind, that you are a mother to be.

Get lots of rest, enjoy this wonderful time and take advantage of the eating for two thing, it is Christmas after all. Enjoy it while it lasts!