Top 5 Best Light-Up Ugly Christmas Sweaters | Men’s, Women’s Light-Up Sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters might have started off hideous, but as they grew in popularity their designs became cooler and cooler. While they may have begun as knitted, 2 dimensional geometric acid trips, they have evolved into all sorts of innovations. The best, and most marvellous of these, has got to be the light-up sweaters.

Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweaters

You can’t get more Christmassy than with an ugly festive sweater, flickering or glowing lights and a party to celebrate it all. So at your next ugly sweater party, make sure you have a light up ugly Christmas sweater, all available on Amazon, to light up the room- literally!

Light-Up Reindeer Christmas Sweater for Women

ugly christmas sweater lights upThe reindeer is one of the staple icons of Christmas, so you cannot wrong with this Christmas sweater that lights up. For the ladies, there’s this gem by Ugly Christmas Sweater, which has flickering, motion activated lights. This sweater is machine washable, and does not require batteries. It will cost you $33.99 and promises that you’ll be a hit at your Christmas party.

Light-Up Reindeer Christmas Sweater for Men

ugly Christmas light up sweaterFor the gentleman, there is this reindeer sweater by also by Ugly Christmas Sweater, with the punny caption Let It Glow. Like the previous sweater, this one is also machine washable and does not require batteries, and its four lights are activated by movement.

This awesome light up ugly sweater will cost you $34.99. It is selling fast though, so purchase it now if you don’t want to miss out!

Light-Up Christmas Tree Sweater

light up ugly holiday sweatersAnother one for the ladies is this light up Christmas tree. The name says it all. All Christmas trees deserve to be strung with lights, and there is nothing as charming as a flickering Christmas tree- nothing more cosy, wonderful or warm.

Now you can wear one!

This light up Xmas sweater will cost you $34 and has motion activated lights that are machine washable as well. As with all the sweaters listed here, this one looks good whether it’s lit up or not, and it will dazzle your friends and party guests.

Cozy by the Fire Ugly Light-Up Christmas Sweater

ugly sweater light upBack to the gents. This light up fireplace sweater has sold well. It has the appearance of a 90s video game, but incorporates vital festive elements we couldn’t do without- the hearth, the fire, Christmas stockings, a wreath and of course the motion activated lights.

This shirt will draw a lot attention, and is timeless. It is perfect for all traditional parties and great for days spent indoors. It’s just so cozy, inside and out!

All Things Christmas!

mens light up Christmas sweaterFinally, there is this sweater by Forum Novelties that is every Christmas fanatics dream! It has a tree, a snowman, a gingerbread man, a bauble, a present, mistletoe, Santa, candy canes and it lights up too!

What more could one possibly ask for?

This great sweater can cost anywhere between $29.18 and $51.29. This hand washable sweater will be the life of the party, is the perfect choice for holiday photos and greeting card pictures, and will entertain everyone you come across.

It looks fantastic both lit and unlit, and has so much Christmas spirit, you might not want to take it off!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters with Lights

You can have a glow in the dark Christmas sweater party with your family and friends. If everyone gets light up Christmas sweaters like the ones listed above, party in the dark, and just keep moving to stay glowing.

It will also add an extra element of fun to competitive games, like charades or quizzes. Glow sticks can be easily acquired, as can Christmas lights, and if you party with the lights off- or outside in the dark, you get bonus points for having a green, energy saving Christmas party.

If this is important, you can emphasize this at the party, or maybe convince your block or area to host an earth hour and join in on the fun. There are so many things you can do with Christmas lights, glow in the dark decorations and glow sticks, and it will be both unforgettable and fun. The sweaters listed above are naturally just a few examples of the leagues of light up sweaters available to you, so have fun finding the perfect one and putting your party together. You’ll light up your guests life for sure.