Top 5 Best Inappropriate Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Most believe that when jokes are inappropriate they are crass beyond belief, but this is not always the case. Sometimes inappropriate humor is clean and innocent, and laughs at adult things that some find uncomfortable.

Since Christmas is a time for rest and relaxation, we should all be letting out guard down a little bit, and instead of being proper and correct all the time, we should take time to laugh at ourselves. Every group, every family, has that one person who appreciates the naughtier side of life and maybe that person is you.

Best Inappropriate Christmas Sweaters

These sweaters, found on Amazon, are perfect for that person, whoever they may be, and also perfect for lightening up the mood at the Christmas party you will be attending. Just a fair warning, while these sweaters have the most innocent of intentions and are harmless, they might not be appreciated among certain people.

If you are wearing one of these inappropriate ugly Christmas sweaters to a party or social gathering, make sure you won’t get into trouble for it. You always need to know your audience!

Inappropriate Santa Christmas Sweater

where to get an ugly sweater for christmasThis sweater by Faux Real, depicts Santa taking a potty break… Straight down someone’s chimney! While it’s unlikely that this will offend many people, it is quite a gross concept and is bound to get a few laughs (or looks of disapproval—it’s a gamble, but it’s worth it).

This funny sweater will cost you $19.99, which is a great price for a Christmas sweater! It will be a hit with the younger crowd, and casual occasions.

Naughty Santa Christmas Sweater

dirty ugly Christmas sweaterOf course, humans being humans, the following entries each have to do with sex. It is fascinating how some of us are so touchy feely about this particular topic when we all know exactly how we came to be.

These naughty Christmas sweaters celebrate it and parody it, and the result is fun. Like this Let’s Get It On sweater by Festified. This 3D sweater, with hanging miniature Christmas socks, shows us what Mr & Mrs Clause get up to the other 364 days of the year but of course, it’s not graphic.

It is simple humor and suits those who might be shy, but kinky regardless.

Inappropriate Reindeer Christmas Sweater

snowman tackey Christmas sweaterFor those who are looking to embarrass, this humping reindeer sweater, by the Ann Arbor T-shirt Co, is sure to make at least one person at your party blush. Its design might not be obvious from afar or right away—it might look like any generic Christmas sweater, but up close, its meaning is clear.

This sweater is great for pranksters, and those who aren’t subtle in their humor and will cost you about $50.

Dirty Christmas Sweater

v neck ugly Christmas sweaterThis Crack Deez Nuts sweater, available from Festfied and priced between $54.99 and $64.99 is one that might go over the heads of some. But when your audience gets it, they get it, and the reactions this sweater might cause are your responsibility!

This sweater is funny not only because of the connotations, but also because of the meme that inspired it. It might work better among a younger crowd, and if you are looking to shock, some might not understand it.

Naughty Ugly Christmas Sweaters

really bad Christmas sweatersLast but not least, and probably the funniest one on this list, is this Merry F*cking Christmas sweater by Festified. While it will take some guts to wear this to formal, or at least smart occasions, it might be well worth the laughs.

The humor will be easily understood by all—though that might not be a good thing. This epic sweater will cost you between $44.99 and $47.99 and will most likely never stop being funny.

Dirty Ugly Christmas Sweaters

inappropriate snowman Christmas sweaterIf you want to have an inappropriate Christmas party, invite your guests to wear their own dirty Christmas sweaters. You will be surprised how naughty people on the internet are, and you can find some crazy (yet funny) ideas for snacks, games and décor with minimal effort.

The joy of being an adult, however, is that we can celebrate these things without feeling embarrassed or shy and that’s what makes it so fun. No matter what though, always be aware that there is a big difference between something that is inappropriate and something that is harmful.

If you are having an inappropriate party, you don’t want to make it an offensive Christmas sweater party, so avoid (or ban) any jokes or gags that are racist, sexist, mean, oppressive, gory or otherwise brutally offensive, Tis the season to be merry, so don’t be a buzz kill, otherwise have fun!