Top 5 Best Home Alone Ugly Christmas Sweaters of 2017

There are many Christmas traditions that stretch across the globe. Christmas trees and decorations, carols, gift-giving and big Christmas lunches are just a few traditions, which came to be, across cultures, over many long years. But there are a few modern traditions that have only came to be in recent times. Two of the latter are watching Home Alone, and wearing ugly Christmas sweaters for fun.

Best Home Along Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Home Alone is the highest grossing Christmas movie of all time, and ugly sweater parties are just a fun way to celebrate the holidays. Combining the two would spell nothing less than awesomeness, and it’s surprisingly easy thanks to the Internet, and the wonderful Home Alone Christmas sweaters out there.

Home Alone – The Bandits Christmas Sweater

Christmas sweater home aloneHome Alone is a legendary movie, we can all agree on that, but as we grow up we begin to realize its flaws. How do you forget your son when you go on vacation? How do you not quickly solve the problem with basic emergency/safety procedures? How does one child outsmart two grown criminal men?

If the latter really bothers you, and you would like to celebrate just how idiotic Harry and Marv are, these two sweaters are sure to float your boat.

Both brought to you by Home Alone this Wet Bandits sweater immortalizes the faces of our favourite Christmas villains. It’s bright, has an early 90s feel to it, and will cost you $39.99.

Home Alone – Escaped Bandits Christmas Sweater

merry Christmas you filthy animalIf you would like to save $10, have a look at this Escaped Wet Bandits for $29.99 is. It is slightly more festive than the former, but both are perfect for a Home Alone themed party or die-hard fans.

This sweater comes in anything from an adult medium to XXXL, so no matter your size, you will be abel to rock this Home Alone sweater this Christmas season.

If you are a die-hard Harry and Marv fan, and you love their crazy antics, this sweater is for you and will make you the star of your party.

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Sweater

merry xmas ya filthy animal sweaterMore and more ugly sweaters are beginning to print the iconic line “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal,” taken from Home Alone, and if you are looking for a Home Alone inspired ugly sweater, why not consider one for yourself?

Ladies, this one, by CP Clothing, is a good pick. This off the shoulder fit and simplistic design is enough for this one to be considered a pretty Christmas sweater. It’s available in either black or red and it will cost you between $34.99 and $37.99.

Men’s Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals!

ugly Christmas sweater home aloneFor the gents, there is this one, by Freeze. It is a little different from the ladies’ designs, with just a few similarities in the pattern, and so these two combined are perfect for couples who would like to match, or are just fanatics of the Home Alone series.

Be the star of your next Home Alone Christmas party and match up with your significant other. This gent’s sweater costs only $29.95.

Home Alone Scream Christmas Sweater

ugly Christmas sweater merry Christmas ya filthy animalOf course, no article about Home Alone would be complete without mentioning Kevin’s scream face. This screen shot has been turned into many a meme, and printed on various items of merchandise. It’s only natural, since this shot was used in the film’s promotional posters and the films VHS/ DVD/ Blu Ray covers.

In this ugly sweater, by Home Alone, you cannot actually see Kevin’s face, but it’s no matter because the shirt screams “holidays” for you. From the trees to the moose, to the Home Alone title, what better way to party than celebrating it all? This sweater is available at $39.99.

Home Alone Christmas Shirts and Sweaters

Because Home Alone is such a massive tradition, hosting a Home Alone themed party won’t be a problem at all. The internet is full of resources and great ideas, tips and tricks on where to find décor that matches the set of the film, and guides on how to put it all together.

But hosting a Home Alone party can be as simple as home along Christmas sweaters and watching the movie. Other fans of the film will be eager to find their own Home Alone inspired sweaters, and as long as you organize or order drinks and snacks, die-hard fans won’t mind watching it again and again. A great (and simple) game idea in this case, is to look up a Home Alone quiz on Google, take your pick of the hundreds of results you will find, and have a competition. This game can be as innocent or as chaotic as you prefer!