Top 5 Best Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters for 2017

Ugly Christmas sweaters are worn for the laughs—this is true. No matter the design, or the theme, the mere fact that ugly Christmas sweaters are the fashion at Christmas time is comedic.

That said, the only thing better than an ugly Christmas sweater is a funny ugly Christmas sweater. Whether your sort of humor is clean, cheesy, a little gross, or even of an adult nature, you are sure to find something that will make you (and your friends) laugh out loud.

Best Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Sale

If you are hosting, or have been invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party, finding a funny tacky Christmas sweater is as easy as ordering one below. Best of all, they’re affordable.

Let’s find out how funny you are!

Funny Ugly Christmas Sweater for Men – Bad Santa

mens funny Christmas sweatersThis funny sweater might ruin your childhood by replacing the loveable Santa we are all familiar with, with a beer drinking, cigar smoking, half-naked fat man doing his business down a chimney, but who can’t help but laugh?

It’s always funny to rip-off beloved characters, or at the very least to cast them in a different light, and this one makes sense. You would probably behave this way too if you had to deliver gifts to everyone on the planet in a single night! This gem, bought to you by You Look Ugly Today is available at $44.99 on sale.

Men’s Funny Christmas Sweater – Bad Santa 2

funny xmas sweatersAlong the same lines, this sweater by Blizzard Bay also shows Santa being a little bit naughty, relieving himself off someone’s roof (Let’s hope it’s not yours!), but you’ll forgive him, because this brilliant shirt lights up!

If you really want to make a statement and have all eyes on you, this will be a winner. It looks fantastic both when it’s lit and when it’s not and will cost you $34.99.

Funny Ugly Sweater – Santa and Elf

cheap funny ugly Christmas sweatersNot only are these next two sweaters funny, they are cute too. Yet again Santa is out of control in this silly, cheesy, punny sweater that parodies the immortal song I Touch Myself by the Divinyls.

This perfect play on words will entertain anyone who is familiar with the tune- so basically everyone on Earth! The elf in question doesn’t seem too pleased, but you will be when your sweater makes everyone smile.

Silly Christmas Sweater – Elfie

womens funny ugly Christmas sweaterIf you prefer a happy elf, you couldn’t possibly resist this #Elfie sweater—the perfect summary of 2016.

This sweater, which will cost you only $34.99, blends the nostalgia of Christmas and ugly sweaters with modern times. The result is majestic! Don’t be surprised if people line up to take an Elfie or two with you!

Bro, Bro, Bro, Merry Christmas!

ugly Christmas sweaters funnyThere are some who believe Christmas is just another commercial holiday; a day to indulge and splurge guilt-free on everything Santa related, and there are others who observe it as an important religious celebration—the birth of Jesus Christ.

But what if Santa and Jesus were best buds? This wonderful Tipsy Elves sweater has captured a moment of brotherhood between the two and will cost you $55.

As with the first sweater mentioned here, this original sweater portrays two beloved figures in an unusual light, and exercises the imagination. You’re bound to get some giggles from this one!

Best Funny Holiday Sweaters

If you would like to be surrounded by laughs this Christmas, consider hosting a tacky Christmas sweater party. You will be pleasantly surprised at how creative and hilarious your guests are, and you will have lots of fun picking the funniest Christmas sweater to wear yourself.

Simple ideas to go the extra mile include adding a joke, or many jokes to your invitations, handing out gag gifts to the winners of games and awards, and playing games that will make everyone laugh. If it’s a small crowd, you can also make it a movie night and watch a comedic movie before the fun and games begin.

It’s really simple to host a hilarious Christmas sweater party and it will cost you minimal effort and money. All one really needs to indulge in the gift of laughter is good company. But of course, if all else fails, take a look around the rest of this site to search for more sweater and party ideas.