Top 5 Best Dog Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The only thing that could possibly be more adorable than a dog wearing a sweater, is a dog wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. Our dogs are our best friends, and part of the family, so if you are hosting an Ugly Christmas sweater party, you should invite your dog too—he’ll appreciate it!

Best Dog Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Your furry friend will be the life of the party, and everyone will want a photo with him. With ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs, they are not much different than their human counterparts. They come in myriads of designs, colours, fits, and themes, are available to you with just the click of a button on Amazon, and are as cute and cosy as Christmas Day.

Dog Reindeer Christmas Sweater

dogs in Christmas sweatersThis item from New York Dog will place all eyes on your four legged friend because it is irresistibly cute. The reindeer design is textured with baubles and embroidery, and it has jingle bells too which will make your dog very happy to move around.

This fun, bright design is so silly and good, most people would love to wear it. It is 16- 18 inches in length. You can order it for your pooch for only $15.29!

Along the lines of reindeer, this cute traditional dog sweater by Lanyar will cost you only $13.98. It is an extra-large dog sweater with a length of 20 inches and promises to be warm and comfortable for your dog.

The design will fit right in with human sweaters, and since your friend is part of the family, with this sweater he will look the part.

Home Alone Ugly Christmas Dog Sweater

ugly Christmas sweaters for dogsThis sweater by Home Alone will entertain all humans who behold it. There is no reason why the Christmas jokes and puns shouldn’t extend to our pets, and your dog will be the funniest hound around with this sweater that says Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal.

It will cost you $29.95. It comes in various sizes; the smallest (extra small) is between 9 and 11 inches in length, small is between 12 and 13 inches and medium is between 14 and 15 inches. Large is between 16 and 18 inches, extra-large is 18 – 20 inches and XXL is 21- 13 inches in length.

Dog Santa Outfit

Christmas sweater for dogsIf you want your dog to be the cutest dog in town, why not get him a miniature version of your sweater? This example, for as little as $9.70 perfectly matches the human version of this design.

This Santa costume, complete with candy cane badge and embroided belt will look good on both man and dog, and the two of you can match up in the coolest, cutest way possible. This sweater comes in various sizes ranging from extra small to large, but keep in mind, prices will vary according to size.

Inappropriate Dog Christmas Sweater

puppy Christmas sweatersThere are so many awesome ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs it might become difficult to choose between them. There is something for everyone (or every dog, rather). There are 3D sweaters, like this snowman and dog one from New York Dog, or this reindeer design from NYC Fashion.

Ruff Dog Christmas Sweater

ugly dog Christmas sweatersThere are also text based designs, like this one from DeeSee, which simply says Ruff. There are Santa outfits, gingerbread men, elves, trees and geometric Christmas patterns too, and they will suit all breeds and all sizes!

Holiday Sweaters for Dogs

Include your dogs in your Christmas party this year by getting them a dog Christmas sweater. When you are preparing snacks for guests, remember to include a treat for your pooch.

Let you furry friend mingle with your guests, so that he can show off his brand ugly dog sweater, and don’t forget to take photos of him! You can also have a dog themed Christmas party if you please. Another good idea, if it’s not too chilly outside, is to have your ugly sweater party outdoors, so your dog will really feel at home, and if it’s possible, invite your friends’ dogs too!