Top 5 Best Cute Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweater parties have become a big tradition in recent times, and it’s no wonder why. We spend so much time looking our best and dressing to impress that partying with the purpose of looking as ugly as possible might as well be the equivalent of taking a vacation to Hawaii.

We get to dress down, look our worst and laugh about it without shame or embarrassment. It’s refreshing, comedic and something to lift the spirits during the holidays.

But what if you are too glamorous to imagine dressing down for a party? What if you wouldn’t be caught dead in an ugly Christmas sweater, but still want to join in on the fun? There is a solution for that.

Best Cute Ugly Christmas Sweaters

See, ugly Christmas sweaters, now that they are a trend, don’t actually have to be ugly. As long as they have a retro, knitted feel, are bright, eye-catching and as festive as can be- they count. Have a look at these cute but ugly Christmas sweaters. All are available on Amazon, and all are adorable.

Cute but Ugly Christmas Cardigan

ugly cute Christmas sweatersFirst and foremost, there is this traditional style ugly sweater by V28. While this sweater has recreated the feel of the truly ugly Christmas sweaters from days of yore, its design is pretty.

The reindeer and snowflake design is cute, as is the pattern that lines the rest of the sweater. Furthermore, if this particular sweater isn’t the perfect fit for you, it is available in various colours and designs as well.

This adorable cardigan will cost you between $14.99 and $29.99, and is perfect for any look, style or outfit you’d like to accompany it with. A great price for a great look!

Dress up with and Ugly but Cute Christmas Sweater

cute ugly sweatersMaybe you feel that ugly Christmas sweaters, no matter how cute they may be just aren’t sexy, or feminine enough. If that is the case, have a look at this dress by Mallcat.

If you took away the reindeer print on the front of the dress, this would be an ordinary, pretty winter dress—and a gorgeous one at that. Again, you can wear this dress any which way you like—dress it up with heels and make-up, or dress it down by going casual.

With this dress (that won’t cost you more than $8.98, by the way) you can be the rose amongst the thorns at your ugly Christmas sweater party, while still fitting in perfectly.

Girly Girl Christmas Sweater

cute ugly Christmas sweater outfitsIf you are the kind of the girl who is laid back, charming and funny, this hooded sweater by Ugly Christmas Sweater is for you. It’s cozy enough to be worn with jeans and sneakers, yet festive enough to glam up with the right accessories.

It’s silly, funny, girly and cute (and it’s comfortable too!) A prime example of a Christmas sweater that fits in with the ugly ones without being considered ugly, it will cost you $39.99.

Pretty as a Penguin Christmas Sweater

cute ugly Christmas sweaterWho doesn’t love penguins? Everybody loves penguins! Although it’s inaccurate to associate penguins (from the south pole) with Santa and reindeer from the great north, it is surprising how few Christmas sweaters feature these cute, flightless birds.

This 3D sweater is sure to stand out, because the penguin is textured. So not only is this a pretty penguin sweater, it’s a pretty, fuzzy penguin sweater. Blizzard Bay are generous too.

This sweater can be yours for only $20.

Adorably Cute Cat Christmas Sweater

where can I buy a Christmas jumperOf course there are girls who can skip being sexy, fabulous or glamorous, on condition that they look cute. Your heart will melt when you see this adorable reindeer sweater by Derek Heart.

Although this sweater is one for the festive season—emphasized by the Santa hats and gloves, its neutral colors make it subtle enough to be worn throughout the year.

It is available at $21.99, and will make you say “Aaw” every time you see it. It’s just that cute!

Decorate Yourself

cute tacky Christmas sweaterThese amazing sweaters aside, just because your Christmas sweater is ugly, doesn’t mean you can’t look good in it. The key is to accessorize. You can make any sweater look sexy with a pair of stockings and high heels.

Or you can emphasize your features to balance out the shirt. Put your hair up- wear make- up and great shoes, or carry around a pretty handbag at the party. Just remember- if you are comfortable, you will feel confident and that will make you radiant.