Best Cat Ugly Christmas Sweater of 2017: Cat Xmas Sweaters

It’s no surprise that cats have become a staple in Christmas memes. The furry little felines took over the internet (and the world) a few years back, and are here to stay. If you are a cat person, there is no need to ignore your love for kitties this Christmas. While penguins and reindeer are generally the animal mascots of the festive season, nothing is stopping you from swimming upstream and having a purr-fect cat themed Christmas instead.

Best Cat Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you are planning an ugly Christmas sweater party, you are in for a treat. Amazon has a wide range of awesome kitty themed ugly sweaters for you to drool over. Even better, they are affordable and there is something for everything.

Have a Meowy Christmas Cat Sweater

ugly cat Christmas sweatersCat people really are spoiled for choices this Christmas. Two examples of the variety available to you are these two Meowy Christmas sweaters. The first, by Love by Design is wonderful in its simplicity.

For an ugly cat sweater, it is quite stylish and will do well at any ugly sweater party. The cat and the text are textured, adding that extra 3D feel to your ugly sweater, and the cat’s Christmas hat is sequined, which will add a little bling—it is the festive season after all!

This cat Xmas sweater has sold well, and is in high demand!

TeeStars Ugly Cat Christmas Sweater

ugly Christmas sweater catsThe second, by TeeStars has a more retro and nostalgic feel to it. This design, reminiscent of arcade games and gift wrap is great for any Cat loving party-goer who wants to look good without going over the top.

This sweater appreciates silliness too; it comes with a ridiculous Santa hat photo prop. The sweaters come in a range of colours, so take your pick- they cost between $19.95 and $23.95.

These sweaters are recommended for ugly sweater contests, so if you are in it to win it, this sweater is certainly for you!

Ugly Cat Christmas Sweater – Tangled Kitty

ugly Christmas cat sweatersPart of the reason why cats took over the internet is because they are funny. No one is sure why exactly, but there is something hilarious about cats and of course, with Christmas sweaters there is no exception.

This sweater, from Tipsy Elves is awesome. This ridiculous cat, being electrocuted by the Christmas lights he is tangled up in, seems awfully happy about his fate. He’s a cute little guy too, and the shirt is bright and obvious without being overkill.

It’s funny because of the saying curiosity killed the cat, and the situation depicted here is not as unlikely as it might seem. This sweater will cost you $45.

Cat Christmas Sweater – Laser Kitty

ugly Christmas sweater with catsOn the other hand, (or should I say paw?), FunQi has bought you this sweater depicting laser Cat- Zillas- another situation that feels likely (if it were possible).

Cats would probably be the first to attack Christmas and destroy all the present, and this imaginative shirt is perfect for all the cat- loving geeks out there. The sweater is also unisex and is priced between $33.76 and $55.

Grumpy Cat Christmas Sweater

ugly cat sweatersWho will ever forget Grumpy Cat, the internet sensation? While this sweater by Alex Stevens does not depict the actual grumpy cat, it comes pretty close. This one is more traditional in the sense that it will do a good job fitting in with the true ugly Christmas sweaters.

The geometric design and clashing colours are perfect for those who wish to look the part at ugly sweater parties. AT the end of the day though, who can resist a cat in a Christmas hat? This sweater will cost you $29.99.

The Cat is out of the Bag – Ugly Christmas Sweater Cats

So, cat people, now that you have so many ugly holiday sweaters to choose from it’s time to get cracking with your Christmas party. Festive cat merchandise is abundant, and there are hundreds of great cat themed party ideas for you to try.

For example, you could make your party’s theme Cats vs. Dogs, and have your guests dress up accordingly. All games can be played in teams this way, and you won’t run out of things to talk about. If you would prefer your party to be for cat people only, little things can make it a blast.

Make gingerbread cat snacks, for example in the shape of fish or mice. Play pin the tail on the cat or distributed slip on cat ears for your guests to wear. There is only one rule- don’t forget to invite your pet cat, and set aside a treat or two for when they want to join the party.