Top 5 Best 3D Ugly Christmas Sweaters This Year

The artistic genius of the 3D Christmas sweater is one that never ceases to amaze—or at the very least entertain. 3D sweaters can be as gaudy or as subtle as you please, but when it comes to Christmas, the saying less is more loses all meaning.

Best Ugly 3D Christmas Sweaters

Christmas is a time to let loose, to have fun, and to go all out, and when it comes to guady Christmas sweaters, you can do just that by purchasing a 3D one. While the simple 2D designs of the sweaters we know and love are great, there is that extra bit of pizazz the 3D ones have that draw us toward them. They might not be pretty, but they sure are eye-catching, and if you are attending an ugly sweater party that’s exactly what you want to be.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Sweater

tacky Christmas sweaters for menTo start off with the simple and subtle, this ladies sweater by V28 does the job. In this sweater, the 3D details are in Rudolph’s nose (a little red bauble) and his scarf (thread).

This texture breathes more life into an already awesome Christmas sweater.

It will cost you between $24.99 and $26.99 and is a guaranteed crowd- pleaser. It’s pretty, adorable, festive and fun. It’s comfortable too!

3D Christmas Socks Sweater

funny ugly Christmas sweaters for saleNot as subtle as the previous entry, but still simple in its 3D aspect, is this Festified ladies sweater, with hanging Christmas socks.

This brightly coloured sweater (which can be worn as a Christmas dress) will cost you $54.99. The Christmas socks (kept in place by little jingle bells) are detachable, and the sweater has LED lights that are remote controlled.

Considering that this cosy dress has it all, it comes at a bargain!

All I Want For Christmas…

ugly womens Christmas sweatersNow we’re getting into the real joys of ugly 3D Christmas Sweaters. This sweater by Fun Costumes, has a big golden bow on it, and is entertaining in its extravagance.

This is a funny sweater to wear when visiting your significant other, and will work well at most parties, particularly those that are traditional and those that are funny. This sweater will cost you between $38.99 and $44.99 and will be a hit.

The tag even says You’re Welcome!

Oh Deer!

really ugly Christmas sweatersAlso by Fun Costumes, this 3D reindeer head sweater is taking the art of 3D ugly Christmas sweaters to a whole new level. You have to admit though; the reindeer head is pretty cute! This will cost you $54.99 and will definitely turn heads.

If you are looking to win best dressed prizes at your party this is a great way to attempt that. Such an innovative sweater won’t go unnoticed.

3D Reindeer Moose Christmas Sweater

ugly christmas cardiganLikewise, this unisex 3D reindeer sweater from Costume Agent is the most ridiculous and over the top of the lot. This sweater is not only 3D dimensional on the front, but the back too.

On the front you have the reindeers head, and on the back… well… You have its backside. This sweater is sure to get many laughs along the way, so if you attending a comedic or light-hearted ugly sweater party this is an excellent choice.

As with the previous sweater, it should win you an award or two as well, and you will be talked about and remembered for long after the party! It will cost you between $66.99 and $67.95.

A Party from Another Dimension

There are many ways you can celebrate 3D art at your Christmas party. You can motivate everyone to purchase a 3D Christmas sweaters, or if they cannot, to dress up within the 3D Christmas theme, with or without an ugly 3D Christmas sweater.

You’ll be surprised how creative people can be, and how easy it is to craft your own 3D costumes. 3D art and optical illusions are common on the internet. You can purchase these artworks if you’d like, or attempt to recreate them on your own. It’s not as difficult as it might seem.

Of course, if the 3D party idea is not for you, and you just want to dazzle the guests at your ugly sweater party, these are not the only options available to you. There are many more 3D sweaters available, and the perfect one is waiting for you. One thing is for sure, 3D sweaters are over the top and probably the tackiest Christmas sweaters you can find, and during the holidays, that’s a great thing!